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Almost done: Vesta’s rat rod cab

Posted on Sep 21, 2013

This one took me a while. I am always working on a few objects at the same time, and this
one kept dragging on for a while. It’s not based on an object, but build from scratch.

I wanted a kiddy style hot rod, like in childrens books. My inspiration came from the excellent
childrens book Vroem! by Leo Timmers.

It’s done, but I still have to edit the pictures I took. And take a picture of the car while burning…
Stay tuned, pictures will follow soon.

Update: done! See the pictures here:

kids rat rod style cab

New artwork added

Posted on Sep 21, 2013

Yesterday I added a new object called Aleron’s big wheel trike. It’s a trike with big wheels (duh). My brother (thanks Albert!) surprizes me once in a while with a box full of old goodies.

This time I found a broken clock in a box, in the shape of a wheel. My nephew took it apart and used the
inner workings (he also builds cool ‘steampunk’ like stuff), and discarded the rest.

I bought some vintage hairclippers a while ago and my vingers were itching to do something with it.
Suddenly all things fell together and Aleron’s big wheel trike was born in lightning fast time (okay, in two or three days).

You can view the finished result here:
Big wheel trike – 3d assemblage bike art

Support my work – buy art cards

Posted on Sep 17, 2013

You like my work, but can’t afford to buy one? Just buy the next best thing: an art card!
At this point there are only two available, but if you want artcards from another object,
just ask and I will see what I can do.

Buying an artcard will support me in my work, as a small percentage is profit (yes, very small)
but it will allow me to buy some vintage stuff much needed for my work.

So why not check it out?
Assemblage junk art cards

trash art card