Posted on Nov 3, 2013

Every now and then someone asks me why I am using junk/trash/discarded materials/found materials as
the basic ingredient for my objects.

The main reason is that I love old, vintage and battered things. I am a big fan of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi (which I will explain another time). Old stuff is usually made with attention, craftsmanship and decent materials. That’s why it’s still here.

Sure, IKEA designers are good. They design clever and fun looking things, but will they last 100 years?

Remus' speedster - assemblage art / junk art / trash art by Derek ScholteA big part of my working process is to dismantle materials. I am amazed how well designed old things are.
Eighty years old sowing machines, can be unscrewed without a hitch because the maker and sometimes the owner took the time to oil and lubricate it properly. Actually even the presence of screws is something special nowadays. Ever tried to open up a modern apparatus recently?

I am not a technical minded chap, my biggest challenge is always making things technically decent.
My main interest is how something looks, but I am getting a bit better (practise makes perfect after all),
and I have to say I am getting more and more joy out of the technical aspects.

I think 99% of my objects are made from second hand materials. The other 1% are bolts, nuts and glue.
Although I try to get as many old bolts and nuts, the really small ones I need to buy new.

There are two types of glue I use, both are environmentally and human friendly (no solvents etc).