July 2015
I am invited to join a group exhibition in gallery de Twee Platanen in Goirle.
More info in (Upcoming) exhibitions

I am also invited to join a group exhibition in K38 (Roden), all members of the professional artist society Verkuno. More info in (Upcoming) exhibitions

Just brought my work to Oldeberkoop for the ‘Open stal’ exhibition. Really worth a visit. A whole village converted to an artparadise. With 49 artists on locations throughout the village. You can dowload a pamphlet here.

mid august 2015
My first solo exhibition. At the Museum Kinderwereld. I’ll be exhibitioning 3-4 brand new big objects.

April 2015
Two of my works have been selected as finalist for the Reart (made possible by Retrash and Etsy) International upcycling Exhibition. It includes a group exhibition in Sydney, Australia.

I’ve sold a piece in Australia about a year ago, but this is my first exhibition in that part of the world. Pretty cool.

The group exhibition will take place at M2 Gallery (450 Elizabeth St Surry Hills NSW 2010 ) in Sydney, Australia. From 22th – 26th April 2015.

16 October – 16th November 2014
Exhibition at gallery Forma Aktua in Groningen. Two big objects and a bunch of small ones will be
exhibited in the gallery. Opening on Sunday the 19th at 16:00

Forma Aktua
Nieuwstad 10
9711JP Groningen

Summer 2015
My first solo exhibition. At the Museum Kinderwereld. I’ll be exhibitioning 3-4 brand new big objects.
One of them will be a 50ties rocket about 2meters high! I am working on the first piece right now, you can follow progress here.

Update: The object is done! Check it out here

25 October – 16th November 2014
One of my objects will be shown at the openingexhibition in the new Kunstencentrum K38. More info will follow.

July 24, 2014 from 8-9pm
SeeMe is taking over the two largest billboards in Times Square, NYC. My work will be shown on one of these billboards.
The billboards are located at 46th St. and Broadway in the heart of NYC.  The flyer is here.

July 2014 – July 2015
My work will be shown at the gallery Huis ter Heide for a full year. With new pieces every 6 weeks.

10th March, 2014
The opening of the exposition in gallery Huis ter Heide yesterday was great. Nice people, great turnup.
I was really pleased with the way my work is presented.

I was asked by Mannie Krak to participate in a Steampunk Exhibition in Gallery BG-22-24 in Almere-Haven.
The exhibition will take place from March the 29th until May the 10th. More info on the exhibition page will follow.

29th March, 2014 – 10th May, 2014 at BG-22-24 in Almere-Haven
Steampunk Exhibition in Gallery BG-22-24 in Almere-Haven. The exhibition will take place from
March the 29th until May the 10th. The grand opening is March the 29th. Sadly I can’t be there,
due to holiday (yeehaa) commitments…

7th March, 2014 (Huis ter Heide)
Exhibition in Gallery Huis ter Heide in Huis ter Heide (Drenthe). The exhibition will take place from
March the 7th until April the 27th. The grand opening is Sunday the 9th of March at 14:00.
If you are in the area, please drop by the 9th to see me and my work live.

January the 5th, 2014
Happy new year to everyone! I got a blogpost about my work on designyoutrust.com(11.000+ views and counting) which was reposted on quite a bunch of other blogs.

5th October, 2013
One of my objects was projected (huge scale!) on a skyscraper in NY. Cool, wish I could see it.

17th September, 2013
Thanks everyone for attending the exhibition in Norg. Especially Sunday was a good day,
thanks for the nice comments.

Friday the 13th September, 2013
Today I am setting up my work for the exhibition in Norg. Opening will be tomorrow morning at
09:30 by a local politician and a curator of the Drentsmuseum

3th September, 2013
I am selected as an exhibit finalist in the 1st Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition. This exhibition is initiated by Four Points Contemporary (Alief, Texas). Stay tuned…

28th July, 2013
My work has been selected by for the artkudos competition. On to the next round.
Update: didn’t win anything, bummer…

12th July, 2013
My work has been selected by the Naming Ceremony Gallery in California (US) for the Sci Fi tribute contest. Stay tuned for more information…

1th July, 2013
I got a big interview in art magazine called Peripheral ARTeries. Quite a few photos of my
work and some great questions, check it out here

Derek Scholte in artmagazine

30 June, 2013
Thanks everyone who attended the garden-exhibition. More people showed up than expected, cool!

29 June, 2013
Today is the big day. Our garden-exhibition. Too bad the weather sucks. We got some
exposure in the local newspaper, so who knows what today will bring. I also got an
invitation this week to join the opening exhibition of the new See.me gallery in New-York city.
Read more about this here. Further more I did a pretty big interview with a new art magazine called Peripheral ARTeries.
I really enjoyed the questions, they made me rethink quite some things. Stay tuned for the end-result…

23 June, 2013
Yesterday I got to display my work on the artfair in my hometown in Roden.
I was overwhelmed with the positive responses from everyone. I grew a few inches taller.
Thanks to all the people that asked questions and took the time to give me feedback,
I really appreciated it.

30 May, 2013
This weekend (1st and 2nd of June) two of my objects are shown at the Chelsea Town Hall in London.
If you can, drop by and check out my work in real life.

9th May, 2013
Glossom posted an interview with me on their blog.
Thanks people from Glossom! You can read it here

01 May 2013
My work was mentioned at coolstuffdirectory.com (thanks Jess) and on an art website in Uzbekistan.
Too bad I can’t read the last article…

26th April, 2013
I was asked by art historian Dr Chris Barlow to show my work in New York and London.
New York turned out to be too expensive, but London is on! So if you’re in London around
the 1st and 2nd of June, drop by and view my work in real life!

19th April 2013
For the garden Expo on June the 29st (in Roden, The Netherlands) I am working on a
new speedster/race car. This one will be a bit larger than usual, it will be
more than 2 meters long… Stay tuned for more info and images.

18th April 2013
I use little rings from bikes for the ‘goggles’ on my characters. You can buy them per piece,
but as I use quite a lot of them, I emailed a few online shops for a box full. To my big
surprize the kind people of FietsWeb.nl send me an eveloppe full of those ring … for free,

15th April 2013
My work is mentioned on recyclart.org

15th March 2013

My work is mentioned on onlineartists.info

Jan 14th, 2013
My work was featured on Glossom and they wrote a very small blogpost about my work:

…few more disused objects bring us back to the vintage and warm atmosphere of children’s toys.

Read more at glossom.com

2th january 2013

My work is mentioned on ecocreative.org