Equos’ onewheelercopter

People called him weirdo, apeman or much worse. Equos was none of that, a bit different; certainly.
Even a bit odd, but he turned out to be a talented and insightful man.

Equos was raised in the circus after his mother left him there aged three months.
The people at the circus fed him, but nothing more. He slept with the animals at the stables.
Equos never spoke a word. The circus people thought he was a mute, probably stupid.
They ignored him, bullied him, used him for every dangerous or dirty job.

Equos had no idea about the outside world, he wasn’t allowed to go out or interact with visitors.
Ignored by the circus people, deprived of any human touch, he never felt the soothing sensation of a warm hug,
a friendly hand on his shoulder or even a heartfelt handshake. He taught himself to read and write in secret,
from books he stole from other kids.

Until one day. Equos was feeding the chimps after their circus act and a girl appeared in the stables.
A girl! She saw him, spoke to him, asked him questions, paid him attention. Although Equos couldn’t speak a word,
they had a connection that surpassed spoken language. Every day that week, she spent her holiday sneaking in
at the compound and visiting Equos. After a week she had to leave and he stayed behind with her address
written on a scrap of paper, the imprint of her soft lips touching his cheek and a longing to see her again.

A plan hatched in his head. He didn’t own anything, not a penny in his pocket, so he had to improvise!
The next few months, he collected all sorts of materials and tools from the compound. Trying hard not
to get caught, he secretly built a monowheel-copter straight from his imagination.

One day pretty soon after, Equos sneaked out in de middle of the night.
Firing his monowheel-copter for the first time. On route to the rest of his life.


Equos’ onewheelercopter tells the allegoric tale of the importance of attention and the necessity of human touch.


Mixed materials, approx. 92cm high, 37cm deep and 35cm wide.
Materials used: base from an antique scale, parts from a vintage movieprojector, candleholders, IKEA lamp, brass flowerpot,
binoculars, Kodak Brownie 8mm moviecamera, leather from an old jacket, compassholder, vintage bicycle light, antique travel clock
and many many more bits and bobs…

Available for sale.