Gaius’ radical reverse trike

Gaius is a badass. He just is. He always rode the baddest bikes and cars on the block. But things change. When it was time to buy a new car, his wife took over. Talking about reliability and comfort. Stuff Gaius couldn’t care less about. But his wife put her foot down, and brought home a Prius. Gaius went to bed and stayed there. For three days.

Even after his bed-episode his wife wouldn’t budge. The Prius was there to stay. Gaius (who loved his wife, despite her poor taste in cars), decided to take matters into his own hands. Every Saturday he – and a couple of good friends – worked on his anti-Prius car. Loud, fast, smokey and fun. With his radical reverse trike he got his mojo back….

Object 2017 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 44cm tall, 30cm wide and 14cm high.
Materials used: Vintage Kirby vacuumcleaner, pipe, parts from an antique typewriter, wood and many other small items…