Genus’ Three Wheeler car

With GENUS you don’t just buy a car. You choose 120 years of heritage.

GENUS was founded in 1903. T.H. Genus I first manufactured three wheeled velocipedes, but after seeing Karl Benz riding his Benz Patent-Motorcar he started building three wheeled motorized versions instead.

In 1953 T.H. Genus II took over the business, while T.H. Genus I still designed the new cars. The grandson, T.H. Genus III had other dreams. He wanted to sail the world. And that’s what he did. For thirty-odd years. He knew his father (and his grandfather for that matter) were proud of him.

Never once did they try to push him to walk in their footsteps. They were free spirited men. After T.H. Genus II passed away, the prodigal grandson returned to revive the GENUS car company and started building three wheeled cars again.

Hand built automotive art, built by young men, with old men in the background teaching them the nearly forgotten skills.

Mixed materials, approx. 88 cm long, 28 cm deep and 23cm high.
Materials used: toy car, vintage photography studio bits, part of a gaslighter, mouthpiece from a trumpet, “Wereld Natuur Fonds” bronze statue, side wheels from a bike, bathroom accessory and a few other bits…

This work was build for an exhibit and was presented like it’s brand new car in a showroom, with leaflets and all.

Available for sale.

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