Laetificus’ Flying Saucer

Laetificus described himself as a fairly content man. After he retired as an outstanding airforce engineer, he spent his days growing his own food in his little garden. Minding his own business. Reading books, watching old movies on VHS. He didn’t have kids, so no grandkids. His job always came first. He didn’t mind, he was content.

Until one day, he read newspaper headlines in the local drugstore. For the first time in years he bought a newspaper, and was horrified by the news. Some random rich guy bought himself the presidency. His world just fell apart. Didn’t we learn anything from the past? Are we still following people who preach ignorance and hatred?

Something snapped inside. He opened his file cabinet and started working on plans from his old job at Area 51. He worked non-stop for a year, driving himself to near madness. But the result was there: a warp drive flying saucer.

On the morning of April the first, he started his engines, wondering how far he would be able to go. In search for intelligent life.

Object 2018 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 60cm high, 40cm across.
Materials used: Vintage heater, bell from a clock, coaster box, part from an old alarm clock.

This sculpture emits pulsating coloured lights. There’s a LED string inside, controlled with a remote.