Levin C. Abantius, aka the Traveller

Levin C. Abantius, aka the traveller is created for an exhibition surrounding a theatre play about WWII.
It’s my personal defect: I can’t think about historic events without wondering things like “what if?”.

Levin is able to travel long distances through time and space. Trying to unravel the mysteries of life.
It’s a hard life for him, as he is merely an observer. It’s dangerous to mess with history as the changes to
the future are unpredictable. The older he gets, the more enigmatic he becomes, questions are raised:
why does he have a skull on his walking cane? And what do those 6 notches on it represent?

Object 2015 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 140cm high, 57cm wide and 30cm depth.
Materials used: violin, ’30ties suitcase, voltmeter, counting machine, flowerpot, inner bicycle tubes, gauges, antique phone, binocular, WWII goggles, parts from a vintage scale and many, many other bits and pieces…