Luculentus Station Wagon

Luculentus is a perceptive man. He likes listening to people debate over life, love and politics. Wherever he is; at work, at the taco stand, drinking coffee at his favourite bar, he eavesdrops.

What started out as simple curiousity about the world around him, became a method of trying to reconnect to society.

The last few years he finds it harder to grasp the world around him. Where is solidarity, where is true interest in other people, where is common sense? He no longer feels connected to the society he should be a part of.

He decides to go on an epic journey. He sells his house and most of his belongings, packs his car and goes out searching for love and kindness.

Object 2017 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 87cm tall, 46cm wide and 44cm high.
Materials used: vintage accordeon, old tin cans, stage binoculars, leather boxes, antique bicycle head light, leather coat, clocks and dials, pan rack, 70ties HEMA flashlights, scissors and many other small items…

Still availabe for sale.