Marius’ sailboat

Marius loved the ocean. He was born on a small fishing boat. His mother used to joke about him being a two legged fish. He never thought it was funny, in retrospect he still doesn’t. Industrial commercial fishing depleted the ocean, so he was forced to sell his boat and work on land. For twenty years he worked in a small office looking over the harbor. Every lunch he would sit on the wooden bench on the docks, dreaming of the ocean.

His boss screwed him over every time he got paid. Every paycheck was lower than it should have been. When asked about it he just told him to go look for another job if he didn’t like it.

One morning something snapped in Marius brain. Although not a violent man at all, he broke into his boss’s office and took exactly what he was owed. Not a penny more or less. From the corner of his eye he saw the title of a small sailing boat, probably a gift for his spoiled wife. He didn’t have to think long, grabbed all the boat credentials and left the office. “Interest over lost income over twenty years”, he thought.

The same day, late in the evening he set sail. Never to come back again.

Object 2018 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 24cm long, 15cm deep and 38cm high.
Materials used: Ikea wall lamp, wood from an antique sowing machine and various other bits and pieces.

This sculpture needs to hang on a wall.