Orbis’ helicopter

Orbis had a lifelong fascination for bubbles. At age fifteen, he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to the fascinating world of shiny soapy floating round things. He learned the art of creating huge bubbles and started a very long tour across the nation.

Every day he performed the streets of – where ever he was that day-. His truck was his home, his dog his best mate. What a life!

After 35 years on the road his dog suddenly died. Orbis broke. He felt like an old man and lost all zest for life. His sadness was way deeper than ever before and it hadn’t even been his favourite dog (hence its nickname ‘old bastard’).

He missed his hometown, the house he grew up in, his old friends. But most of all, he missed a purpose, a goal. He had done everything he ever dreamt of. Or did he?

His lifelong fascination for bubbles had lead to quite a few sketchbooks filled with bubbly inventions. One recurring: the bubble helicopter. One morning he woke up and knew: it was time to go home. That night he had dreamt his ultimate dream: he flew a bubble helicopter…

Mixed materials, approx. 50cm high, 65cm across.
Materials used: wood from an antique sewing machine, pencil sharpener, parts from an antique pair of compasses, acrylic sphere, radio antennas and many many more tidbits.