Professor Doctor Ephebus’s Steamboat

Professor Doctor Ephebus is an old man. Not just old, but really really old.
There are rumors he is 110 years old, but no one knows exactly.
When asked he just says “vintage”.

Some say dreams are for young people, but Professor Doctor Ephebus proves otherwise.
On his 80th-something birthday he left home for good. He just left without any warning.
Not that anyone really noticed.

He bought an old steamboat, assembled a crew of hardy men and set sail.
For 30-odd years he has been steaming the dark rivers in the heart of Africa.
Legend has he is searching for the fountain of youth…

Object 2018 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
This piece has a diorama inside. An engine room with moving parts, lights and real
mechanical sounds from a clock and a study with lights.

Mixed materials, approx. 112cm long,28cm wide and 41cm high.
Materials used: part of the hull of a wooden 1950ties RC boat, bamboo placemat,
Magic Lantern by Ernst Plank from around 1900, many clock parts, antique wood and many many other items…

Commissioned piece