Rufus’ Onewheeler

What a joy! Rufus never worked a day in his life. Starting as a young teenager he performs on the streets. With his cello and his raw jazzy voice he pleasantly surprises everyone willing to listen. Once his hat roughly contains 10 bucks, he stops singing, makes a courteous bow and goes home to his little houseboat in the river.

He doesn’t care about owning stuff, turned down numerous record deals. He has little possessions, granting him great freedom.

Once home he takes a nap, eats a small diner and mounts his huge unicycle. Every day he rides through the fast planes, the wind in his face, the sun in his back. Every day he lives life to the fullest, squeezing every last drop from the tit of life.

Mixed materials, approx. 43cm high, 14 cm deep and 32cm wide.
Materials used: vintage pram wheel, antique coffee grinder, antique brass car horn, wooden toy cello and many more small bits…