Tubae’s Turbine Vehicle

Tubae seemed an unremarkable man. He wasn’t rich or famous or particularly handsome, nor had he any other superficially remarkable trades. Tubae lived in a small house on the outskirts of a small town. Never got married, no kids. Come to think of it, there was however something remarkable about his house. In the garden, hidden in the lush green weeds, eh garden was a strange building. It was small, as high as his house and very long.

This shed was the talk of the block during all neighborhood barbecues. Tubae didn’t attend those social gatherings. Not that he was a hermit or socially awkward, but he just couldn’t be bothered. Every waking hour after work he spend in his workshop.

Some neighbors did try to take a peak inside, sometimes because of their own curious minds, but more often driven by their overbearing wifes. When asked Tubae just said something in the line of “just tinkering, you know”. Tubae made sure his workshop was locked at all times.

Tubae was a happy man. He truly was. Liked his work as a mechanical engineer, and his spare time tinkering in his workshop.
 But Tubae was a man with a dream. A big dream. Some people are able to spend their lives working on a dream, like a monk, Tubae was one of those.

From early childhood on, he wanted to fly around the world. Making a full circle around the equator, flying solo without any inbetween stops.

That was his lifelong dream. And one day, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, Tubae will open the big doors of his workshop and make his dream reality…

Mixed materials, approx. 59 cm long, 18 cm deep and 25cm high.
Materials used: vintage trombone, IKEA lamp base, vintage Mercedes toy car and a few other bits…