Ut diligatis’ DUB73 Rocketship

Ut diligatis never felt loved. His parents left him when he was four years old, leaving him with his grumpy old grandmother to pursue their own happiness. He grew up knowing he wasn’t wanted.

He was a bit of a weirdo kid and that didn’t help at school. Other kids teased him for being smart. At a young age Ut realized he was a lot smarter than all others around him. So he read books. At the age of twelve he had read all the books at the local library. All of them. Even the dime novels.

He couldn’t wait to grow up and be his own man. Master of his life and domain. At fourteen he quit school, left a note for his grandma and trainhopped across the country. After a few weeks he settled down in a small town and got a job. A pretty crappy one, but he didn’t mind. People were nice to him, he had his own space above a small garage. Life was OK. For the first time he felt content.

That would all change on the morning of October the first. Browsing the Net he found the girl of his dreams. They started talking online and fell in love quickly.

After a while they just had to meet. The only problem was one of time and space. She litterally lived on the other side of the globe. He couldn’t afford the journey, let alone the time off work. What to do?

Build a rocket ship! He read all the books he could find at the local university and just started building. Driven by his longing he worked his pants off. And one day he was able to travel 3000 mph, on his way to the girl of his dreams…

Object 2019 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 70cm high, 20cm wide.
Materials used: Coffee maker, Parker pens, tripod legs, antenna, VW beatle toy car and other small parts…

This piece emits a subtile warm white light in the cockpit and a red light in the engine.

Availabe for sale.