Ventura’s land speeder

Ventura lives in the desert. He’s a poor bugger, using the scrap other people dump in his back yard. He calls a few broken airstream trailers his home. Don’t get the wrong idea: at first glance his life looks a bit grim, but he’s a happy camper. He’s living the off-grid dream.

Fortunately he is an inventive guy, grows his own food and veggies, has DIY solar panels and brews his own moonshine. Not for consumption, no sir: for his land speeder. Somehow Ventura found a way to reverse earth’s gravity and glides frictionless one meter above the ground…

Object 2016 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 12cm high, 51m long and 10cm wide.
Materials used: old oil lamp glass, Dremel motor, parts from a vintage film projector, music box, and some other bits and pieces…