Comitatus’ Campervan

Comitatus was lonely, he truly was. It was his 7th year of not being able to leave his house. Darn phobia. Sure, doctors prescribed pills, and he tried them all. Some worked for a while, others made him sick to the bone.

One day, while watching Gas Monkey Garage, the front wall of his house suddenly crumbled. Two bright lights came crashing towards him. They made a full stop just inches from chair he was sitting in. After the dust settled a car door opened and he heard someone yelling “dude, are you okay?” A big guy with an enormous beard got out of the car, looked at Comitatus, smiled and said “Aren’t we two lucky bastards!”. Comitatus looked at the chaos around him and mumbled something like “let’s just say we have a different outlook on what luck is then”.

It turned out the bearded guy, called Opifex was a car mechanic, testing the brakes on a client’s classic car. Clearly, they needed more work. Short on cash, he offered to rebuild the wall in his spare time. Together they spent a good few weeks rebuilding the wall while building a foundation for a long lasting friendship. Once the wall was finished Opifex came by every week and took Comitatus for a drive in a different classic car. At first the test drives were short, but every week Opifex drove a bit further from home.

Fast forward five years. One warm evening, the two best friends are sitting on the porch. Drinking lemonade and eating beef jerky. They start talking about their dream of freedom, a recurring subject. High on jerky, they plot a plan: selling off everything they own and build a campervan to roam the world. Normally those jerky infused dreams and plans don’t get followed through, but this time they are both serious. They start working the next day.

A year, filled with selling off everything from their houses to their spare undies (“Does this spark joy? No? Thank you Long Johns”) and building the ultimate aluminium campervan.

On the first day of spring, it’s finished. They look at it with watery eyes, “Look at that shiny bastard” Opifex says, proud as a monkey in a banana tree. They get in, and drive off…

Object 2019 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 31cm high, 36 long and 17cm wide.
Materials used: Tefal toaster, (very)old tin cans, antique clock ornament, red leather, kitchen thermometer, miniature skull, 70ties rollerblade wheels and many more small items…

Click on this link to check out a video of the interior.