Quietus’ single seat speedster

A happy man. Very happy indeed. Couldn’t be happier. His words, not mine.
Quietus had a good life, no doubt about that. A lovely wife, beautiful on the inside and not bad to look at from the outside. Four kids. All healthy, reasonably nice – although that’s hard to say about the teenage ones.

Quietus owned a small construction company with his best friend. Enough work, reasonable income, great house in the suburbs. Man, what a life!

So why didn’t Quietus look happy? Why wasn’t he dancing in the rain, whistling ‘don’t worry, be happy’ each morning while driving to work?

One day he asked his best buddy for life (BBFL) “Man, I am so freaking happy, but so freaking sad at the same time. What’s up with that?”. His friend thought about it for a while and said “Dude, you need a single seater”. His friend just came home from a one year sabbatical on a mountain in Tibet. Changed his name from Greg to Tenzin Tashi. Since then – annoyingly – all of his sentences were basically riddles.

Quietus laughed the answer away and went back to work. But woke up in the middle of the night. There was the answer, it was right in front of him all the time. What he needed was alone-time, not trying to be the perfect husband, perfect father or perfect dog-owner. Just Quietus, nothing more. And what did he love the most? Cars!

Having a single seater is the perfect excuses to go alone. “Sorry kid, no room for you”. So he started working on his single seater speedster. A few stolen hours every week. After a while he felt his inner sadness slowly disappear. About one year after completion and riding the speedster an hour or so a week, he just realized: “I am a freaking better father, husband, neighbor and boss because I can just be Quietus for a few hours a week”.

Object 2019 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 7cm high, 8cm wide and 14cm long.
Materials used: Antique paraffin burner, fancy wine bottle cap, parts from a vintage Hot Wheels car and a few other small parts…