Dr. Abantius’ Tubaphonic Traveller

I wanted to do something with a tuba for quite a while now. The museum exhibit this coming summer was a good opportunity to create a few big objects. Enter the tuba. I found a tuba from 1932 used in a local brassband. It was too worse for wear to play anymore and was sold as a decorative object. I instantly fell in love with the worn brass with dents and other signs of wear. I really struggled with it a while, it’s a pretty hard object to convert to a machine, but in the end I am very pleased with the outcome.

Dr. Abantius’ Tubaphonic Traveller is inspired by the comics Guust Flater (Gaston Lagaffe) by André Franquin. Details like the skull gearshifter and the negative cambered wheels refer to the rat rod scene.

Object 2015 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 195cm tall, 58cm wide and 74cm high.
Materials used: 1932 Tuba, legs from a vintage tripod, vintage leather pouch for binoculars, wheels from a vintage pram, typewriter parts, watchparts, old leather, old moped parts, skateboard wheels, innertubes and quite a few other bits and pieces…