Velocitas’ speedster

It started out as a dare. Velocitas’ best friend dared hem to build something cool, instead of the mobility scooters he had to build as a day job. Sure it paid the bills, somewhat, but man, what a dreary job it was. The next day he told his boss about the dare and to his great surprise, he was very cool about it. “Why not build it in our workshop, after hours”; he said.

And so the build started. Velocitas started building his speedster in the late late hours. Work, grab a bite to eat, work on his speedster, sleep and go to work again. Slowly the project took shape in a quiet corner of the workshop. After one week, a co-worker asked if he could help out. After two weeks there were five guys working each night. And after a month almost every co-worker – including the boss – worked evenings and nights. Any excuse to escape their daily dreary routine, work on something great and share cold pizzas.

After six months with little sleep and too much fast food, the speedster was ready. Velocitas drove it out of the workshop, put his pedal to the metal and went off, leaving his co-workers behind in a cloud of burned rubber. Everyone had a smile from ear to ear. The next day everyone – who had the guts – drove the speedster hard on the drag strip. The day after that Velocitas said goodbye to all of his co-workers and went on a long adventure. And his best friend? Well, let’s just say he had to do something in public, dressed in a chicken suit. He did it with a big smile, he finally got his friend to follow his dreams…

Object 2019 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 15cm high, 16cm wide and 55cm long.
Materials used: Vintage Sparkling water maker, old flashlight, ’70ties rollerskate wheels, jacks and some other bits and pieces.