Aequor’s Flying Car

Aequor lived on the shores of the Suydersea all his life. In a little old house in a little old village. He lived there all his life, repairing fishing nets, like they used to. One day, sitting on his porch enjoying the early spring sun, he passed away quietly. Aged 83. Just a guy, living his life the old way.

The only one interested in Aequor’s life was his grandson Aequor Jr. No other family member paid him a visit while he was alive. Busy lives, you know. Aequor Jr. however visited his grandfather a few times a week. Listening to the stories about earlier times, about the joy of women and most of all about how humankind doesn’t take care of the planet like they should. He was an environmentalist, before the word was hip or even invented. Aequor Jr. loved his stories.

After Aequor died, every family member suddenly was his best friend. They all wept at his funeral and were the first to loot his house of all things valuable. Aequor Jr. watched it all happen from the porch, enjoying the watery sun.

After all family members were gone, Aequor Jr. went to the old workshop. Aequor’s favourite place. No one bothered to look inside the dilapidated shed, so everything was still intact. It appeared as if Aequor had gone fishing. Untouched, time was frozen in a moment of pure joy.

Aequor Jr. began to make an inventory of all the stuff and – to his surprise – found blueprints, hidden in an old safe with a broken lock. Aequor Jr. couldn’t believe his eyes, these blueprints were of machines that never saw daylight. His grandpa never told him about these. Shocked by the complexity of the designs, it became clear his grandfather was far ahead of his time, a modern DaVinci.

Aequor Jr. quit his job as an aerospace engineer and began working on one of his grandfather’s best inventions. He spend two years in utter bliss in his grandfather’s beaten down shed. Building the first reverse-gravity engine Flying Car.

Object 2019 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 54cm high, 75cm wide and 32cm deep.
Materials used: Vintage ‘Inventum’ heater. vintage onion cutter, binder, bicycle headlights, bathroom accessories, watch, pepper jar, antique pair of compasses, condiment jar, glass condiment jar, upper part of a vintage standing ashtray, parts of a sewer inspection unit, old wood and some other bits and pieces.

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Buy the limited edition blueprint here