Acceleratus board tracker motorbike

Acceleratus was never a strong man. He spent his days working in the office, doing calculations. In the evenings he was too tired to do anything. He just watched meaningless tv shows about talking horses, anything that temporarily lifted his spirit. One day he got a letter. From a lawyer. His great uncle died. He hadn’t seen his uncle for more than twenty-odd years, but spent quite a few summers there when he was a kid. Happy memories. His great uncle left him some stuff he had to get.

Acceleratus took a few days of from work and drove 1200 miles to his great uncle’s house. The lawyer told him he inherited two things. A 1916 board tracker motorcycle and a substantial sum of money. There was a catch though: Acceleratus had to restore the bike and take it on a road trip for least two years, or he would not get the money. Rather reluctantly he started restoration of the board tracker bike. Time passed on, his memories of happy times tinkering with his great uncle in his shed came back, needless to say his love for the project grew, despite of the busted knuckles and callusses on his hands. Eventually, after a labour of love for 6 months, he packed the few belongings he hadn’t sold and went on his epic road trip, thanking his great uncle in the sky. A happy man.

Object 2018 | Copyright © Derek Scholte Mixed materials, approx. 135 long, 40cm wide and 85cm high.
Materials used: big wire-cutter, antique Frisian skates, pram wheels, 1950ties vacuum cleaner, leather money lockers from a bank, parts from a magic lantern, flower pot, and so many many little bits…

Available for sale.