Altums High cycle

Altum grew up in the circus. He spent most of his life travelling, giving two shows a day. His dad was a knife thrower (the best in the world), his mum was the first female human canon ball. At the age of fifteen, Altum chose the unicycle. The following years he perfected his act and was proud to say he rode the tallest unicycle in the world. It was a hard, but good life.

As time passed by it became much more apparent the circus was struggling financially. People became much more interested in watching stupid people doing insane stunts on television, while eating their dinner on the couch, than going to the circus and watch creative professionals doing a well rehearsed show.

After having been in business for eighty or so years the circus went bust. Altum drank his pants off for one night and then decided to put his big boy pants on and make the change. He bought a small house in the suburbs with his life savings and got a job at the local auto parts store. Married a co-worker and started a family. Two boys. Just a normal life.

But every Saturday he rides his unicycle around the block (with a sidewheel to accomodate his wife’s fears). The best few hours of the week…

Object 2018 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 122cm high, 25cm wide and 14cm deep.
Materials used: Vintage pigeon clock, pram wheel, antique light, part from a weaving loom yarn spool,old horn, and lots more little things.

Click here to get an idea of the size of this artwork

Click here to get an idea of the size of this artwork