Aeternus’ office, a prequel

Aeternus was working in a dead end job. Every day he had to force himself out of bed, in his automobile to go to work. Every day he had to physically force himself to go through the rotating door at his office. Number 21034 checks in, sir.

The workload was brutal, but he didn’t have a choice. Few jobs available, many contestants. He felt he had no choice but to ponder on. Every day he had to meet his target of 650 approvals a day. Little time for lunch, no time for rethinking his life or his future.
When he got home he was too tired to do anything, let alone follow his dreams.

One day, after approving 423 papers in a row he suddenly remembered a lyric from the great B. Marley: emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.

He decided right there and then: Every day at 11 AM I will stop whatever I am doing for five minutes and dream about owning my own sailing boat. Maybe one day…

Mixed materials, approx. 30cm high, 18cm wide. 18cm deep.
Materials used: Vintage heater, vintage ‘Korting’ nametag, wood from an old box, copper curtainrail thingies, vintage stopwatch and many more…