Iucundus’ Rocketship

He was sick and tired of people treating others like crap. At his office, during morning traffic, at the coffeeshop. Rude men and women everywhere. Hell, even the president was a jerk and a bully.

One day he was complaining to his father, who listened and then wisely said: don’t just sit around and moan, do something about it! That night an idea slowly took shape in his head.

The retirement home, where his father lived, had a workshop. No one had used it for years. After a good clean Iucundus and his father got to work. After a while the word got round (The first rule of rocketClub is: you do not talk about rocketClub. The second rule of rocketClub is: you DO NOT talk about…) other oldies joined the ‘secret club’. They had to sneak out of their rooms like teenagers. As nurse Scortillum said: no activity allowed after eight PM!

Most of these guys had been hippies turned businessmen, teachers and aerospace engineers. Still dreaming of a happy world, good vibes and girls with flowers in their hair. For the first time in years they had a good reason to get up in the morning. At night the Dutchy was passed around again and they worked hard.

After a year or so, a completed rocketship was smuggled (in parts) out of the workshop. Once assembled on location it was ready to be flown to the moon to resurrect an enormous neonsign that said: be nice.

Object 2019 | Copyright © Derek Scholte
Mixed materials, approx. 50cm high, 10cm wide and 28cm long.
Materials used: Parts from several lamps, pepper mill, paraffin burner and a few other small parts…